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    Overview of PERMA** Multidimensional Model of Well-being

    Positive Emotions

    Improve your performance and resilience at work


    Boost your confidence, engagement and energy at work


    Lower your levels of stress, improve your concentration, focus and advance your career


    Heighten your motivation, commitment and sense of satisfaction at work


    Move beyond your present limitations and towards your true potential


    Build a solid foundation for well-being


    Improve your financial management

    invest in employee wellbeing

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      Framework for Developing Wellness and Psychological Security in the Workplace


      Our first cornerstone in the cycle of development is ‘Measure’. We measure the current practice in the organisation through surveys, interviews, and workshops. This allows us to provide validated scientific measurements of our client’s physical and psychological health requirements. Research suggests visual representation of progress increases commitment, motivation, and goal attainment. Health checks, fitness, nutrition, and health surveys. 

      This allows us to benchmark and review progress, helps us identify strengths, and what’s working well with clients. 


      The second cornerstone of the cycle ‘Advance’ helps us create a bespoke training programme termed ‘dynamic profiling”. Training is developed based on the individual or group needs and wants. Training content is informed from an evidence-based model of development. Our training model is informed from the health and psychological wellbeing model PERMAH

      Research indicates health and wellbeing is not a single construct and is multidimensional in nature and design.


      The next cornerstone ‘Practice’, takes an Integrated Systems Informed view toward model development. Systems’ Thinking is about understanding complexity by examining the linkages and interactions that comprise a defined system. An organisation as an entity can suffer systematic failure, it occurs when there is a failure between elements that need to work together for overall success. 

      Factors in systemic failure include confused goals, weak system-wide understanding, flawed design, incentives that encourage loyalty to sub-ordinate (rather than super-ordinate) goals, inadequate feedback, poor cooperation, lack of accountability, etc.


      The final cornerstone in our model of development brings knowledge, experts, our clients, and technology together. The pillar ‘Support’ brings experts and clients together to form expert coaching conversations, and provide the vital support to maintain effective and positive results. Expert conversations facilitate pathway goals, learning, motivation, develops trust and meaningful relationships. Access to an online suite of experts helps best match clients and organisations with the experts that will support positive change. 

      The development of our unique digital diary software keeps clients and teams constantly informed about best practice.


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        No matter what the scale, whether it’s individual or team based training, our work is about helping people to be well, do well, and work well.